Travel Plan: Cycle

At Logistics North there have been major improvements to existing cycle route connections and we are also working hard to promote and facilitate cycling through travel planning.

The Engine Lane bridleway has since been resurfaced to provide direct walking and cycling access from Atherton and Atherton Train Station into the Cutacre Country Park and the employment zone.

On-site Facilities

Logistics North benefits from being in close proximity to a number of on-road and off-road cycle facilities, which are located on the surrounding highway network. All units on site also benefit from sheltered cycle parking.

Most notably the A6 Salford Road provides dedicated 1.8m cycle lanes and shared pedestrian/cycle footways within the vicinity of the site. The on-road and offroad facilities are provided interchangeably on both sides of the carriageway and combine to provide continuous cycle facilities along its length. East of the site this local route connects with the National Route 55 which goes south to Wigan and north to Bolton. A further cycle route is provided along the A579, heading north to Bolton and south to the town of Atherton, where the it runs directly past Atherton train station.

Cycle Journey Times

Over Hulton10 minutes
Atherton20 minutes
Little Hulton
Leigh30 minutes
Northern Bolton

Timings based on 20 mins cycling (about 5km).

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Site Access Roundabout & M61 J4 Pedestrian/Cycle Improvements

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A6 Pedestrian/Cycle Improvements